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10-20-18 - Worse for the Wear

Worse for the Wear was the first song we wrote after Paul Passarelli joined us. This previously unreleased song was one of 3 we recorded with Steve Jones at Big Sound. The other 2 songs, She's Speed and Under Control ended up being released as the She's Speed single. As this chapter of the band comes to a close we wanted to share this, and maybe a few more things to come, with all of you who have followed and supported us. To that end we hope to have an exciting announcement... in the next couple weeks.

We are also very excited about working with some incredible folks to create what comes next.

Stay tuned and thank you.

"Worse For Wear"

9-4-18 - PALOOKA and Paul Passarelli Parting Ways


Paul Passarelli and PALOOKA have chosen to move forward in different directions. Although our creative and musical relationship with Paul is ending our friendships, which predates his time in PALOOKA by decades in some instances, will continue and exist long after. All of us in PALOOKA cannot thank Paul enough for his collaboration and contribution to what we created together these last 4+ years.

Although Paul will be missed PALOOKA will be looking for a new singer as we move forward with writing, releasing new music and playing live again. With any change comes opportunity and we in PALOOKA look to make the most of it.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who has stood by us for your support. Stay tuned for more info and music to come.

7-21-18 - White Center Jubilee Days

Next up for PALOOKA is playing the main stage at 8:30p for the White Center Jubilee Days Saturday July 21st. We are honored and excited to be a part of this event and hope you join us and the other awesome bands.



8-18-18 Hillbilly Headbanger's Ball

PALOOKA will play the outdoor stage as part of the illustrious Hillbilly Headbangers Ball at Slim’s Last Chance in Georgetown on 8-18-18. This is a don’t miss show with great acts up and down the card.


8-25-18 Sky River Rock Festival

PALOOKA Plays the 50th Anniversary of the Sky River Rock Festival in Snohomish WA on 8-25-18

Tickets are available now at:

Shine Live Video from 1-13-18

4-28-18 TKO & PALOOKA Studio 7 Seattle

PALOOKA is proud to share the stage with local legends TKO at Studio 7 on Apirl 28, 2018. Our good friends Custom open the show. This show will be a super sized kick in the pants! Get your tickets now!!




2-9-18 PALOOKA Plays the Swiss in Tacoma

PALOOKA brings the ROCK to Tacoma!

NWCZ Radio presents: Palooka, The National Guard, Big Wheel Stunt Show and Stoic FB


1-13-18 - PALOOKA LP Release Show Highdive Seattle

PALOOKA kicks off a great year of rock celebrating our Vinyl release Turbo Excelente at the Highdive in Fremont, Seattle WA. We share the stage with our friends The National Guard and Jerico Hill on Jan 13, 2018. Be There PALOOKA Pals! 


3-10-18 PALOOKA Plays NWMetalfest at El Corazon Seattle