Palooka: She
In the age of misinformation and disillusion, humanity has become disconnected and uninformed. Social media has become an addiction to some. Many have lost the ability to think critically about what they see and read. Few are willing to challenge or question the events unfolding all around us.
Who will challenge the status quo? Palooka will! Leave it to a Seattle band to question what’s going on. The rock scene from Seattle has been speaking out and questioning topics people have avoided for many decades. With ‘Head In The Clouds’, Palooka takes direct aim at the absurdity we all see on a daily basis and asks why we’ve lost sight of reality.
This single aims to supply listener with gravity to put their feet back on the ground and snap back to reality. Set to a grit filled rock track the listeners are sure to connect with Chuck Campbell‘s rich vocal tone as he delivers cutting lyrics set to thick riffs and punchy drum tempos that feel like they are stomping for the listener to pay close attention to the message they delivering.
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‘Head In the Cloud’s comes from Palooka’s upcoming EP, All Those Things Left Behind, scheduled for release on January 15, 2020. Stay tuned for more information to come on the upcoming release.
Palooka are:
Chuck Campbell – Vocals
Glen Logan – Guitar
Howard Binner – Bass 
Chris Quinn – Guitar
Jason Reavis – Drums
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