Palooka: She

PALOOKA will record the next album at the legendary London Bridge Studio with Jonathan Plum.  We are all really looking forward to this next chapter in the PALOOKA story.

We had a bit of a reset a couple years ago that pushed back the follow up to the first PALOOKA album What’s Wrong With Wanting Everything.   The good news is we’ve used this time to release a single, and become a more collaborative and cohesive unit.   We have taken 20 songs from inception to demo phase in this time.  More songs have been written and wait in the wings to be developed but we needed to draw the line somewhere and move ahead with recording our next album.  Of those 20 songs we picked 10 which will end up on this next release. 

The initial recording sessions will start at London Bridge on October 6th and run through the 8th.  More session will follow.  The hope is to conclude recording by the end of October.   If everything works smoothly the hope would be to release the next album before the end of this year. 

For those of you unfamiliar with London Bridge Studio here is a link to some projects recorded there in the past.

Additionally we have added a show to the calendar.  On September 27th PALOOKA returns to Everett and Tony V’s with Custom and Invertical.

As always thank you for your support.