Palooka: She

PALOOKA Rocks the North end! Saturday March 15th, Flights Pub in Everett!



Stereo Embers

3 Great Bands, one great night!




PALOOKA returns to the Nectar Lounge in Fremont August 22nd with an amazing line up of some of Seattle's best.

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Jamie Nova


The Guessing Game

This is the show of the summer not to miss!

PALOOKA will record the next album at the legendary London Bridge Studio with Jonathan Plum.  We are all really looking forward to this next chapter in the PALOOKA story.

We had a bit of a reset a couple years ago that pushed back the follow up to the first PALOOKA album What’s Wrong With Wanting Everything.   The good news is we’ve used this time to release a single, and become a more collaborative and cohesive unit.   We have taken 20 songs from inception to demo phase in this time.  More songs have been written and wait in the wings to be developed but we needed to draw the line somewhere and move ahead with recording our next album.  Of those 20 songs we picked 10 which will end up on this next release. 

The initial recording sessions will start at London Bridge on October 6th and run through the 8th.  More session will follow.  The hope is to conclude recording by the end of October.   If everything works smoothly the hope would be to release the next album before the end of this year. 

For those of you unfamiliar with London Bridge Studio here is a link to some projects recorded there in the past.

Additionally we have added a show to the calendar.  On September 27th PALOOKA returns to Everett and Tony V’s with Custom and Invertical.

As always thank you for your support. 


Some fun recording updates for youi all, we now have 10 songs picked, and a studio picked. We are working to record the second full length PALOOKA release this fall. Our next exciting night is Friday August 22nd at Nectar. Come out and enjoy a fun night of music with 4 great bands, Jamie Nova, PALOOKA, The Guessing Game and Strong Suit!


Just announced, PALOOKA returns to Tony V's in Everett with Custom on Sept 27th.

Happy Independence Day to all of you in the USA. Please don't blow your pretty faces off. Be safe, have fun, and rock your independence!

Hey kids, look who is BJ Shea's band of the week this week on KISW, your fav big thick rock PALOOKA! 99.9 FM Seattle

PALOOKA is proud to be  playing Live 6-28 as part of KISW's Men's Room Redfest, get tickets and details here.


PALOOKA's Paul Passarelli joins Jolene and folks from the other Redfest bands on KISW's Loud and Local tonight at 11pm 99.9FM Seattle or on the web at

This review was forwarded to us a bit after the fact but we still really appreciate it.

It is always nice to read something positive about music you've created but having it come from a music fan who picked up your single from Easy Street Records resonates with the music fans in PALOOKA.

There is something special about getting lost in a record store, finding something interesting and taking a chance.

Thank you for taking a chance on us and the kind words.

Life in the Vinyle Lane

PALOOKA will be sharing the stage with Hell's Bells at the WA State Brewersfest at Marymoore Park in Redmond, WA on June 13th. The best beer in the world, rock and roll, what a Friday happy hour! PALOOKA goes on at 6pm!

More info Here: WA Brewers Fest 2014 

WA Brewers Fest